Talk to Me

Buzz peep buzz. Lately that’s all I’ve been hearing, that annoying bbm beep, or facebook alert or what’sapp. What? Can’t a person spend one minute of their life calling, or actually communicating with someone, WITH THEIR VOICE?

All this got me to thinking about how this society, and especially my generation, has lost the ability to comunicate with each other. Those born from 1990 onwards, are those who usually spend most of their time on Facebook, instant messaging and updating every meaning less moment of their lives. I some times do this to keep the cover I must have of being an average teenager – appearances, horrible paradox, aren’t they?

This increase of technology and social media sites, has made it impossible to not be hooked to the internet. There are studies that show that people feel isolated and “out of the loop” when they can’t check e-mail or their Facebook account (Northern Iowan). This addiction to typing everything in sight has also diminished peoples ability to express clear ideas, because the brain is only writing abbreviations, making it harder to have perfect grammar or spelling when writing (Northern Iowan). I believe that this is the reason for the “your vs. you’re” pandemic on 9gag.

The most detrimental thing, in my opinion, that technology has done is made people loose the ability to solve conflicts and arguments with each other. Now a days, when two people fight, they just send harmfull messages of Facebook, and since people are more prone to say things by text than face-to-face, the imboxes can get pretty nasty. This simple act can lead the person getting the message to depression, and even suicide. Most importantly, people don’t talk anymore, we have become closer to becoming robots than ever before. We communicate the way they do, don’t we?

Also, we have lost all privacy. Everybody knows everything that goes on in all of our lives.“pueblo chiquito, infierno grande”

This new age of “technocomunication” – yes I just made that up – has not only created new ways of connecting, but also new addictions. There are now actual diseases related to Facebook, and physical consequences like carpel tunnel syndrome when you excessively text.

Doctors have even published the symtoms of the addiction to Facebook (symtoms form UIB)

  • You spend a lot of times thinking about Facebook or planning to use it.
  • You want to use the site more and more and more
  • You use the page to forget about personal problems
  • When you try to cut down use, you can’t
  • The excessive use has made a detrimental impact on your job or education

Has it really come down to this? We are becoming isolated, unconfident, and untrustworthy of others because people just don’t talk anymore. Those “social elites” that are always posting on Facebook or Twitter, are probably the loneliest people in the world, the only conversations they have are those with the virtual versions of their so called friends.

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    2 thoughts on “Talk to Me

    1. I must tell you you write very well straight and to the point keep it up on the path that you are going you will go far good job just stay true to who you are and don’t change

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