It’s like, I’m in a dark room, fumbling around searching for that light, and just when I think I find it, it shuts off, or it’s not the light i was looking for, yet I stay with it for comfort becuase you can’t find anything good enough, because sometimes you just aren’t good enough.

And then that comforting light gets shut of for some reason or other, maybe I shut it off without realizing it.

That’s always been a talent of mine, shutting things of, messing them up. I always seem to find a away to stay in the dark. I just can’t seem to help it. I see little beems of light here and there, then someone else blows out the candle and leaves me hanging again.

The thing is, those little lights in your life are looking to get out of the dark themselves. That’s why some are brighter than others, because some feed off of your light to feed their darkness; others chase after a distant light, leaving those who need their warmth and gleam in a dark room. We decide what light we want to shine in our lives, but all light dies eventually, some faster than others.

The stars we see at night, are dead already. Ironic how those little specks, that give us so much hope just when we get to see one in this world where light is taken for granted, are already gone, and we only see what’s left of them. We never got to appreciate what they were in actuallyity, in their present time. I find that’s what happens with people. We take them for granted, and when they walk away, we’re left with the glow of what could have been. It’s even sadder when the “glow of what could have been” is from a distant light chasing the sun. And what’s the sun compared to a candle.


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