Time and time again you wonder what your future will be like. Time and time again you look to your past for answers on what to do next. Time and time again you dream, you dream and you crave for a shred of normalcy. You wonder hopelessly lost in you own mind in search of something worth doing, worth thinking, worth loving, and you come upon the sad truth that there is nothing worth loving but the complications that life brings itself. Ironic, I know.

Humans tend to love something that causes complications. Life causes complications, so humans are naturally attracted to the twists and turns it brings. Especially teenagers. Teens seem to be addicted to drama, and depression, and hormones, but what happens when you get an over dose of all those complications. You simple break down.  The question always is, what to do after the break down.

An amazing person told me that in order to get back up, to get on your feet, you have to fall first (how odd that that same person was the one that pushed me down). When you finally get up again, it’s proof that you have grown stronger. After a break down usually comes a stronger beginning, well that’s what movies tell us, oh and books too. If it’s a woman, after the emotional break comes organization – in a literal, and metaphorical sense. We can see as she re-organizes her apartment and a brilliant voice over comes on with her newest revelation on how to be happy. It would be simply stunning if life worked out that way. A quick organization of a room, desk, or apartment meant you got your life together and everything will work out in the end. Wish it where that simple. If it’s a man who suffered the break down, he rebuilds his relationships, goes away, or has a enlightening chat with some sort of mentor, be it older or younger. Wish it where that simple too, just a few talks, or a plane ride and you are GOLDEN. Nothing to stress about except smiles (and since it’s a man, well sex)

Sometimes I wish life where a movie, then you would always know that after the fall, you would get a great, fairy tale, cliché ending. Be it the guy, the smile or the big bang kiss. And then everything is perfect after that.

Wait, no, starch that. That would make life highly boring, wouldn’t it? A happy ending, with no struggle afterwards? That would just leave us weak and fragile for the rest of our lives, no chance of learning. No chance to grow or become stronger.

I believe I just had a revelation!

That tedious and trenching journey through you mind, searching for that sign that what your doing is actually worth it, is just time being wasted on the journey you could take in life to find yourself with new experiences, instead of looking back on everything else you’ve done.

You’ll never find yourself in the past, because you change every single day. Your ideals, your opinions, the way you decide to wear your hair, or dress yourself, change slightly day by day. Every time you wake up, you’re just a bit different, you evolve; the never-ending process of evolution seems to haunt humans.

That’s why when you’re caught in the same situation, with a different person, you never seem to know what to do, because you’re always different.

I remember when we learned about experiment constants in chemistry. The example we were given was that life is our big experiment, we are the constant, and everything else is the changing variable. I think the tune goes a bit differently. Life is the experiment, yes, the constant is everything around us and the variable is us, and the way we consume and interpret the constant every single day is what changes the outcome. Those things little details are the ones that alter, and somewhat change us.


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