I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I promise that will change for anyone out there following this. Been writing a lot of poetry lately, here is a short thing I jotted down. Also gonna be posting a story I’ve been working on soon, not quite finished with it yet. 

A memory creeps back into the abyss of my mind as you tangle and cares with sweet words of wonder. A past that I’ve been trying to push away, but it just keeps calling. Calling like a mermaid in a dark stormy night, ready to tangle and provoke me, sinking back into the dark. Dark, where I feel safe, where I can’t be seen, where you and I know we’re are not alone but with all just hiding dreams, mistakes and fears of being seen. Where everyone is invisible. Invisible, what I long be in in your judging eyes that see me clear as night and yet push me away to that forgotten shelf in the back of your mind. You hear my pleas between the lines I read and write. Write, what else is there but to write to get away from this perfectly imperfect world consumed by ideals and masks. Masks, mine is wearing away, can I borrow yours for a while? Cause it’s staring to crack, and the light it burning your skin.


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