Just Another Sunday

The one thing I learned this weekend about me is that I am an idiot. Sure, why not just pass up the opportunity to actually having a chance with someone who you never thought you had a chance with in the first place? Or, is it that I don’t have a chance and I’m getting ahead of my self again? Or maybe, I’m just making up stuff in my head because my writers block has forced me to find imaginary situations for some sort of inspiration to have something to put into words. None the less, be it situation one, two or three, I’m still and idiot for which ever three.

Another thing I realized is that I am a huge procrastinator. As I type these words there are two documents open waiting for my attention, but my mind just isn’t there, it’s here on my blog because I’d rather write about my idiocies than do school work. I think I found out the reason I’m not doing as great as I should in school… Oh well.. Fuck that 🙂

Well, I think I should go back to doing something productive, and by that I mean texting a great guy.

Goodnight to all my lovely readers.


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