Illegal Alien

Can someone please show me where it says that you can only be from one country?

That you can only follow one set of customs?

That you have to be confined into one identity?

Cause I remember celebrating two independence days

Carnival in February

 Red, yellow and blue in July.

I remember lighting candles in December, 

And wondering why we were the only ones who did, 

And learning merengue and bachata on the side. 

I remember having everyone be jealous that I got a maseta every year and no one else did.

But apparently, 

I’m from no where, 

Because I say twenty like a Dominican with a bad Colombian accent, 

Because I root for Falcao as much for Ortiz, 

Because to me a cholado and a junjun are the same thing.

And if this is the case, 

I rather be from no where.

No where being a valley with an ocean running through it,

No where being a place where you’re not judged on upbringing,

On customs,

On pronunciation,

On attitude.

Here I was thinking I was caught between two identities,

I’m just caught in your closed-minded view of nationality. 


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