Reality Check

There is one reason I truly hate TV and cinema: their romance stories.

It aggravates me how those talented writers from hell come up with the most perfect story lines and scripts, and leave girls like me with preconceived ideas about a type of love that can only be found in fiction. The reality of it is, romance in dead and so are those extravagant acts of love that came along with it. Now a days, if a guy decided to order take out after sex is a romantic act that’s supposed to woo us away; and the idea of a guy chasing down a plane with a motorcycle and asking the love of his life to marry him is so far fetched that only a teen drama writer could think it up (I actually feel pathetic wishing it would happen to me).

The reality of everything is, that if you fall in love everything will blow to pieces. If you’re not in the relationship with the person, you’ll always be waiting for it to be like the movies. That big realization that your supposed to be together, which usually happens when one or the other is about to leave town, or marry someone, or die. Then, miraculously the other person makes it in time and no one leaves town, they marry each other, and no one dies. If you are together, then the girl will always be waiting for those big affectionate details that we all read about; she will be highly disappointed to realize that those big affectionate details will never happen because well, all great romances are written by women, and men have no sense of what actual wooing is.

I hate it when my mind goes all pessimistic on love – I love love – It’s just that I’m tired of thinking that it’s like the movies and books and shows I see. Even if two people are perfect for each other, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen (and no amount of chocolate or alcohol can fix that, trust me). Even if things seem like their “meant to be” and everything feels perfect, doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen. And even if you can actually imagine being with the person, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

Sometimes I wish I could write my own love stories and watch them come true before my eyes, words aren’t that powerful I guess.

One Way Ticket

This is an assignment I worked on that I ended up loving. It’s a remix of one of the great Langton Hughes poem ‘One Way Ticket’

I pick up my life,

And take it with me,

And put it in a jar of

Insecurities, Innocence

Hopeless romance,

Next to ingenuity

And no confidence

I pick up my life

And take it on a journey

To the corner of 39th and 9th

To the booth where your lips touched mine.

A place that distance is nothing

I am fed up with the laws of logic

People who think

Yet do not ponder

Who are scared of walking backwards

And leave the romantics out to dry

I pick up my dignity

And take it away

On a one-way-ticket

Gone up into the stars

Gone out into nothingness

Gone, just gone


We all have vampires in our lives. Just to clarify, when I mean vampire, I’m not referring to the fangy blood sucking type, I’m referring to those of the literary aspect.

Vampires in literature are those characters that suck life, innocence, love, joy; anything remotely “happy” out of you (How to Read Literature Like a Professor). I can say that we all have that one person who in our lives is a vampire. Even though our vampires don’t only come out at night, don’t sleep in coffins or aren’t undead, they’re still pretty scary, because unfortunately they are real and they don’t really tend to leave our lives. No matter how hard we try they always seem to come back to haunt us.

A vampire in our modern world could be the first guy that broke your heart. He was the best friend that turned out to be a jerk and, thanks to family or social connections, always seems to pop up in conversation. They can’t seem to leave that remote corner of the mind, it’s like that person build a nest there. Well, not a nest, but more of a life sucking lab from the inside out that turns your every thought into a horrible nightmareish memory of that last chapter in your life. Horrible isn’t it? How an actual human being can be scarier than a mythical vampire.

Another classic vampire, the teacher or boss you have to prove yourself too. That’s the one person who can bring you down with just one stare. You raise your hand in class, or try to say something in a meeting and you are tagged as an idiot with a smart remark. These are the people who suck your pride, and leave you unmotivated to do anything else in your life. Why? Well, because you start thinking that you’re not good enough to do ANYTHING in your life. Funny isn’t it? How an actual human being can make you feel dead, while a mythical vampire only gives you the short fear of it.

In todays world, there is not much room to believe in ghouls and ghosts and monsters and vampires, with science an all that. But, we have to realize that those ghouls, ghosts, monsters and vampires are just humans among us that scare us half to death, or unmotivated us, or just simply suck happiness out of out lives drop by drop. We can’t literally drive a stake through their heart, that would just get us in jail, but what we can do is (metaphorically, just making it clear, don’t want anyone actually doing this) wear a garlic necklace to drive those horrible vampires away.

Foster, Thomas C. “NIce to Eat You: Acts of Vampires.” How to Read Literature Like a Profesor. New York, NY: Harper Collins, 2003. 15-21. Print.

P.S. HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone interested in studying literature or becoming a writer!